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Preparing the perfect steak sure isn’t easy and needs a lot of experience, which not all of you have. The effects could be serious – you want the steak medium but it’s still dripping blood. Or your anticipated rare steak is overdone and tough as leather.

But, it doesn’t have to be that way. The Steak Master is easy to use and will help you cook your steaks just as you like them every time.







This smart App Calculates the cooking time of your Roast for you by simply entering the weight and type of meat

Quickly see the temperature and cooking time or read the easy to follow instructions. Includes information for traditional roasts such as beef and chicken as well as once in a while treats like goose or duck.







A great beef meal is easy to perfect with iBeef.

If you have ever found yourself wondering which cut of beef would be best for the recipe you want to cook, or which way to cook a particular cut of beef that you have in the fridge…then iBeef is for you.

Whether you’re a novice cook or an experienced one, choosing the right cut of beef for the right cooking method can be a bit tricky.

With iBeef, not only can you find the best beef cuts for delicious roasts, stir-fries, casseroles, BBQs and pan-fries, but it will also provide hints that take the guess work out of preparing beef, and provide you with the confidence to serve the perfect meal every time.

iBeef also has cooking timers that help you in the kitchen with reminders at the key times.

The steak timer will make you the master of entertaining. All you have to do is select the cut, the thickness and whether you want it rare, medium rare, medium etc and the timer will tell you when to turn it, remove it from heat, rest it and then it’s time to eat it!!! The perfect steak every time thanks to iBeef.






Do you have trouble finding a cut of meat that a recipe calls for?

Never sure how to cook a certain kind of beef?

Then the Cuts of Meat app is for you!

It covers more than 50 cuts of beef







The perfect egg timer with the incredible egg spy: from now on your eggs will be perfect.

Are you tired of eggs that are always too soft or to hard?
No matter where you are or how big your egg is - the perfect egg timer for perfect eggs is the solution!

The perfect egg-timer is based on scientific proof and because every egg is different, the timer calculates the exact cooking time based on egg size, altitude and temperature.